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Colorectal Cancer

New for 2014

Thank you to the hundreds of people and businesses in our community who supported the Colorectal Cancer Walk and Race in years past. Proceeds have provided many colorectal cancer screenings to eligible individuals in our community. Although the Colorectal Cancer Walk and Race will no longer be held, there are many opportunities for you to stay actively involved in the fight against colorectal cancer! Find out more here.

Blog Entry: Cheating a Silent Killer

Palmetto Health Foundation's Vice President of Public Relations, Amy Coward, wrote the following blog entry about her first colonoscopy several years ago:

Well I'm 50 as you know. And this is the year it is recommended that you get your first Colonoscopy. My doctor not only recommended it, she demanded it at my last physical. She told me I had all year, but that I had better have taken care of it before we met again.

I waffled. I thought, "I have no family history," "I've heard this is awful," "I really don't have time." The usual excuses. But something inside me nagged and I thought I should get it over with rather than dreading it all year. So I scheduled the appointment.

I visited the doctor for the preliminary visit and had to wait a bit. I thought several times of leaving, but then as I rose to do so, my name was unfortunately called. The doctor eventually came in the room and apologized for the delay. I told him I didn't want to be there and didn't really want to do this. He proceeded to tell me how Colon Cancer was really a silent killer, that it might be in my destiny to die from it at age 56, but there would be no warning, no symptoms. He assured me the procedure was done successfully many times a day and that it was totally painless, only the preparation was "uncomfortable." I, of course relented. Doctors in white coats discussing potential killer diseases were very influential.

Two weeks later, I psyched myself up for the prep and told myself it would be over soon. After entering the procedure room the next morning, I only remember the nurse offering me a blanket. Whatever the drug was, it was Michael Jackson good. It was the best sleep I ever had and I remember absolutely nothing from the experience, other than being thirsty. Not bad for a procedure that could save my life.

We often make a big deal of things and I am a professional in that area at times. But with all the technology we have to help us remain healthy, we can be foolish. I have endured the dreaded Colonoscopy and there are no signs of cancer. I am healthy and able to do more "firsts" this year. And so I move on to search for those opportunities to be daring, to have fun, to go places, to live life. I have cheated the silent killer and I am glad.

Thank You:

We asked you to "lace up and face it", and you really did! More than 400 walkers and runners participated in our Colorectal Cancer Walk & Race March 2 and more than $52,000 was raised for Palmetto Health Cancer Centers. Proceeds will be used locally to provide colorectal cancer screenings for eligible individuals. We canít thank you enough for your support!

The Walk & Race is a collaborative effort among dedicated sponsors, teams, individual walkers, contributors, health care professionals, volunteers and of course, colorectal cancer survivors. Thank you!

5K Race Results

2013 Walk & Race photos, available for free download.

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